Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Elizabeth, NJ; Everyone Makes Mistakes.

It’s no secret that teenagers don’t like following the rules. It’s almost like if you tell a teenager to do something, they will turn around and do the exact opposite. It’s not designated to the teenage sons and daughter of average Joes either, the children of the rich and famous can break the rules too. Rand Paul, a U.S. Senator from Kentucky and son of perpetual presidential candidate Ron Paul, found out the hard way the sometimes teenagers make poor choices. Rand’s own son, 19 year old William Paul, was recently arrested at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. The charges were underage drinking, disorderly conduct and assault. Reports are saying the William was clearly intoxicated on the flight and was involved in some sort of altercation with a 22 year old stewardess while flying from North Carolina back home to Kentucky. Details are sparse, but you have to assume that if William had not be drinking illegally, he may have used better judgment on the flight. Alcohol is known to inhibit one’s decision making abilities and teens are not known for making the best choices in the first place.

William’s case is nothing new. Teenagers make poor decisions on a daily basis, but his status as the son and grandson of two well-known politicians makes his case stand out. The drinking age may be 21, but kids in high school and sometimes even younger always seem to find a way to acquire alcohol. Sometimes it can occur through an older sibling or friend, other times a teen may have a fake ID, and in some cases it is even provided by parents. Teens are very susceptible to peer pressure and that can lead to poor decisions involving alcohol. Drinking is a problem, but the results of drinking can be disastrous. Not only does alcohol have a negative effect on growing bodies, but it is also a factor in car accidents, altercations with others, and unsafe sex.

Educating teens about alcohol use is not widespread enough to be effective. The responsibility to teach children about alcohol falls squarely on the shoulders of their parents. Studies show that talking to your kids early and often about alcohol use and its consequences is one of the most effective ways to prevent children from experimenting with alcohol and drugs. Those who begin using alcohol and drugs at an early age are far more likely to have substance abuse issues into adulthood. Prolonged alcohol use causes serous health issues such as liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure and even cancer. Alcohol is extremely addictive and stopping can be very difficult particularly if someone began drinking at a young age. If you know someone who struggles with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, call the counselors at Alcoholism Treatment Helpline in Elizabeth, NJ right away. It could help save a life, or at the very least prevent someone from making a decision like Senator Paul’s son.

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